Thailand Business Visa

Thailand business visa is also call as Non-Immigrant Visa type B. Foreigners who acquire this kind of visa will be able to apply for a work permit. In the other hand, if foreigner wish to apply for the work permit, they must acquire Thailand business visa. Working or receiving a salary in Thailand without work permit is illegal. Foreigners will be fine and put into jail, or both.
            In the fourth quarter of 2015, an immigration has announced new regulation that more strictly and lots of change in detail. It means if the request document is not ready, immigration will listen to none exception. They will cancel your Thailand business visa, and you have to start over for the new Thailand business visa application which is time consumes. Next, foreigner will be force to leave country because after the visa is cancelled, each day that foreigner still be in Thailand will be called overstay. If foreigners overstay too many days, immigration will consider them as illegal stay. Foreigners will be ban and now allowed to enter Thailand for 1-5 years (depend on how many days of overstay).
            Thailand Business visa will grant foreigner to stay in Thailand from 3 months to 1 years. It can be extend 1 more year each time as long as their company are still operating, and all documents is ready.

Basic requirement for company to apply Thailand business visa

           Company which be allowed to hire foreigner, and request Thai business visa for their staff must meet the basic requirement as follows:
  1. Company registered capital is 2 Million THB

  2. Company has 4 Thai staffs

  3. Ratio between Thai staffs and foreigner staffs ( 4 Thais per 1 foreigner )

Company requirement document

  1. Company Affidavit
  2. Shareholder list
  3. Financial Statement
  4. PND 50
  5. PND 1
  6. PP 30 or PP 36
  7. Social Security report and receipt

Foreigner requirement document

  1. Photo 4×6 cm
  2. Copy of passport and original
  3. Copy of work permit and original
  4. PND 91 ( Personal Income Tax )

What type of company we are supported and have experienced ?

  1. Limited company

  2. Representative office

  3. BOI company

What are our visa services ?

  1. To prepare document to get Non-immigrant B Visa

  2. Visa extension ( 6 months – 1 year at OSOS or Chaengwattana immigration )

  3. Visa cancellation

            In conclusion, Thailand business visa is not just a document preparation. Many companies have tried to request it by their own and it ended up with they have to go to the immigration for 3-4 times or more. In some cases, they failed, and their staff or director need to leave the country. We, Bangkok Work Permit & Visa, have a lot of experience about requesting Thailand business visa for clients. We know things in detail. We always find out a solution for our clients.