Thailand Work Permit

Foreigners who wish to work or operate business legally in Thailand require a work permit. Working without work permit will cause a penalty, arrest or fine. Thailand Work Permit is complex and required to prepare tons of document.

Qualification for applicant

  1. Applicant must have an address in Kingdom of Thailand or allow to entry to kingdom ( Non-Immigrant  ) accord to the Immigration ruled. Applicant must not be the Tourist or Transit Visa. For non-permanent residents, the immigrant visa is needed. But for the permanent resident, the non-immigrant visa is not required. 

  2. Application must not be lack of qualified announced under labor law.

Company in which requiring a Work Permit

  1. if applicant is married with Thai nationality, registered capital is 1 million Baht.

  2. if company got BOI, company would be able to obtain multiple work permits without need to increase the registered capital.

  3. If company is not BOI and applicant is not married to Thai citizen, company will be required 2 million baht registered capital.

Before apply for Thailand work permit. Applicant must obtain Non-immigrant visa first.
If applicant has the tourist visa, we can convert into non-immigrant visa without leaving Thailand.

Bangkok work permit

Process to obtain Thailand Work Permit

Employee provided document

  1. Passport
  2. Education degree
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Transcript
  5. Non – Immigrant Visa
  6. CV or Resume showing application’s educational qualifications


Company provided document

  1. Company affidavit certified by Department Of Business Development.
  2. Shareholders List certified by Department Of Business Development.
  3. Copy of PP30
  4. Copy of PND 50 and financial statement.
  5. Copy of VAT Certificate.
  6. etc.


Getting Work Permit to approve at Labor Department

Not only the completed of document required, but also the accurate and professional job title and description will make the Labor department approve your work permit requested. Our experience team, will help you the prepare require documents, fill a form and solve any problem that might occurs,and including consulting.

Our Work Permit services

  • Work Permit Initial Application

  • Work Permit renewal Application

  • Work Permit Cancellation

  • Change working address

  • Change resident address